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Use of Force Training Seminars


This training seminar is taught by Reginald F. Allard, Jr.  Mr. Allard is a retired Connecticut Law Enforcement officer with 35 years of Police Command level and training experience.  Mr. Allard is currently the president of the company (13thjuror, LLC) specializing in the Fourth Amendment and counter-part State Constitutional Police Excessive Force Litigation. He has been retained as an Expert Witness for both plaintiff and defendant Excessive Force Litigation throughout the United States since 1977. Mr. Allard conducts Liability Risks Management Audits of Police Agencies’ Policies and Procedures to insure litigation inoculation so as to conform to Federal and State Constitutional laws.


Target  Audience: Police Managers/Supervisors, Law Enforcement agency trainers, Internal Affairs & Criminal Investigators responsible for use of force investigations.


This course is available to be co-sponsored by your police agency. 

Seminar Time: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.


In this program the participants will learn:

·         How to effectively and efficiently investigate use of force cases

·         How an agency should prepare and investigate officer involved deadly force encounters

·         How to avoid perception misjudgments errors in police practices, inclusive of the tactical and training issues that lead to pattern and practice claims and civil rights investigations


Topics covered include:

  1. Defining the “Perfect Moment” of deadly force
  2. Contextual Phases of a use of force event – Psycho-dynamic errors
  3. Organizational factors that influence a Department's use of force policy justification
  4. Use of Force issues for Training Officers
  5. Liability and legal issues for Law Enforcement Management personnel
  6. Agency Supervision and Use of Force
  7. Federal & State Court decisions regarding Use of Force justification
  8. Use of force investigation protocols – Garrity vs.Criminal Investigations
  9. Negligence issues (appointment, retention, assignment, entrustment, failure to supervise, failure to train and failure to direct)
  10. Factors to consider in determining if force was "objectively reasonable" and ‘necessary’
  11. Tactical Recklessness and/or Negligence – Split-second Syndrome
  12. Officer Safety – Police Officer as Defendant
  13. Case studies – Applying the lessons learned


Seminar Fee:  $200.00 per person (3 or more attending from the same agency $150 per person)

To register for this seminar, contact Reginald F. Allard, Jr. at our office at 1-860-621-1013.  For detailed information regarding this seminar or for additional information regarding other seminars and training products, visit our website www.expertcop.com


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