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Can a cop really do that?

To understand police conduct, you must understand their police training and experience. Training is the 13thjuror™ To understand a particular officer's 'state of mind', you must understand how an 'objectively reasonable' officer's mind is trained.

At the stroke of a keyboard key, have the language that justifies your Use of Force. The 13th Juror disc contains searchable case law, Use of Force Policies, FBI articles, Use of Deadly Force case law, Baton/OC/ECW case law, Pursuit case law, and Police Studies. The 13th Juror disc contains more then 5,500 police Use of Force research and litigation files.13thjuror Brochure

13th Juror CD
Federal and US State Court Use of Force Case law on a Searchable CD disc.
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13thjuror Use of Force Training Seminars

Case Law Updates

Each January a CD Disc will be generated to supplement the 13thjuror CD.